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In many companies, printers usually give real headaches — dozens of failures that, in some cases, are overlooked or end up being fixed in bad manners. In most of the country’s corporations, companies are committed to saving and controlling printing costs to reduce the monthly bill generated by printers. Of course, without this control of printing affects neither the quality of the impressions nor the own activity of the company.

What are the most common problems with printers in companies? Not all companies have the guarantee of having a print control service. This help not only to have an expense control but also to repair and solve the main problems that arise in offices with all printing devices. Also, the advantages of having a service like this make companies save every month by having integrated copy control services, having the best tools, maintenance or repair of printers.

Types of repairs of the most common printers

Among all the problems that can be needed in a company and that require a quick intervention, would be the following:

Failures with hardware, breakage or wear of printer parts

Some parts of each device or the consumables themselves may have a limited or limited life since they wear out with their continued use. In this case, not only the inks need to be changed every certain time, but there are also pieces like the rollers or the transfer belt that require necessary changes. All these components require a revision and probably change from time to time, making impressions, and it is probable that breakages may arise.

On the other hand, the printers, when they are connected to the electric current, can suffer failures in the power supply for various situations beyond their operation. Although there are other problems such as for example, errors in the internal plates in the processes of impressions, in addition to failures in circuits of the own printer.

Configuration failures in the equipment and problems in everyday use

In many companies, this problem is the most common. The printer, for example, does not make copies in networks. It is important to have maintenance services, such as those offered in a print cost control, to perform the diagnosis and fix the problem through local network or WiFi. The solution that professionals can choose to do is a reconfiguration of user accounts that are associated with the equipment.

Possible paper jams in the trays

It is another of the common problems in the companies: the jams that take place for different reasons, that worsen the quality of the impressions. There are various solutions, some simple and others that require the change or improvement of some configuration parameters, since there may also be internal hardware problems.

Other types of repairs or failures that occur in companies

As, the famous ‘ghost effect,’ when a copy of the image on another printer looks more original. This may be due to a power supply with defects. In this case, it is necessary to change or check the power cable.

Another of the failures is, for example, that the lines are printed, so it is necessary to connect the system and the printer. It can also happen that the print fades when the toner is running out, or the print density is too low because the economy mode is activated. The blurred impression is common for the use of inappropriate paper or cartridge problems; Gray prints , if there are problems in the printer drum and that need to fix or change it and, finally, issues with the appearance of blank pages between different pages printed by problems in the printer or paper are the problems most outstanding that usually occur in companies.

Get better control of printing costs

With a service repair printers, included in the package of services offered here of print control can cope with all types of repairs printers, both common as other types of problems which can occur in the day today. Also, thanks to the print control service not only can you count on a function of maintenance and arrangement of devices, but also it is remarkable the savings that suppose that a specialized company in printers takes charge of the control of printing costs. If the company suffers all these printing problems, the ideal thing to have the best repair, maintenance, and cost savings is to have a payment service per page like the one our team offers.


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